Know about us and our objective

Auto Electric Products Company, established to render consultancy as well as to produce Graphite and Carbon related specialties. The company is extending regular technological support to producers of Graphite specialties and Graphite electrodes. After continuous research, company has developed special New Generation High Temperature Industrial coatings to reduce Oxidation and Erosion of Graphite Electrodes/Carbon anodes/Cathodes and M.S. Studs (Anodes) etc. used in Steel and Aluminium industries respectively. We have given the “Technologies” for improvement in quality / efficiency and cost effectiveness of the product along with reduction in service time. We have technically supported following industries to achieve best quality/cost effective production with energy conservation. New Generation coatings are applied in- Steel Industry, Aluminium Industry Graphite Electrode Manufacturing Industry, Heat Transfer Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Graphite specialties.

Future Plan:
Company is planning to provide consultancy services in reducing running cost of furnaces like:
a. Electrical Arc Furnace
b. Ladle Furnace
c. Induction Furnace
d. Vaccum Furnace
Main objective is to reduce Power (energy) consumption and increase efficiency of Furnace,as well as effect of Oxidation/Erosion at high temperature (2000 º C and above).

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