Single Coat Anti CorrosiveCoating


METSOL is a solvent Based Poly-Acrylic Anti Corrosive coating which can be applied directly on the metallic surface without any coat of metallic primer. METSOL is formulated from selected Petroleum Base Solvents/Crude to make stable and superior quality product which enhances coat life. It is highly effective coating in corrosive atmosphere. On evaporation of the solvent, METSOL forms a poly acrylic film, which acts as barrier to resist the attack of Acid/Alkaly fumes and salts etc. Thus it can be used to give better life to M.S. structures, vessels etc. in Chemical Plants/Petrochemical Plants/Electroplating Plants/Distilleries/Cement Industries/Ice Plants etc. to protect valuable structures from highly corrosive atmosphere of SO2, SO3, CL2, Acidic Atmosphere, where frequent maintenance is required, you can directly coat “METSOL” . Where Ice Cans are directly coming into contact with highly corrosive liquid i.e., Brine Solution. METSOL protects the Cans 100% form corrosion.
METSOL is highly useful Anti corrosive coating which can be directly applied on M.S. structures after surface preparation. Surface should be dust free, clean, dry.You can directly apply METSOL on the bare metallic surface without any metallic primer coating. Direct application of METSOL on bare M.S. surface gives 100% anti corrosive coating. To get best results, do not apply any metallic primer on the surface. METSOL is single coat application product. Do not apply second coat. If applied, its drying time will be 3 times that of the single coat. Even if the surface is having little rust, METSOL has the unique quality of dissolving the rust.
METSOL can be sprayed/Brushed on chimney’s, M.S. Structures, Hot Gas pipe lines (inside/outside) Impellers of Blowers, Cooling Towers, Satellite tubes of coolers etc. Also it can be used on the foundations to protect from seepage of chemicals in soil.
It can be directly coated on Bus bar section to emit generated heat i.e., due to I2R losses, it acts as Black Body. It helps in reducing resistance in the circuit there by saving energy .

Salient Features

A Direct application coating material on any metallic surface, does not require any primer
Dissolves rust itself and forms highly non-abressive Epoxy finish coat
Single coat, fire proof, long lasting application (if not tampered after complete curing)
Non-abressive surface, does not peeloff even at high temperature - 250ºC - 350ºC
Neutral towards highly corrosive atmosphere with no reaction of acid/alakalies/SO2 and SO3 gases etc.
Rust proof with good thermal conductivity at low temperatures
Surface does not crack or scale formations at low temp. and can withstand at high tempreatures
Good binding strenght with Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metallic surfaces
Economical due to its single coat property


0.46 to 0.56 Kg/Lit at 25ºC

Blackish Brown
Drying Time
Touch Dry – 4-5 hrs, full-Dry – 24 hrs (may vary as per climatic condition and method of application)
Service Temperature
40 ºC to 750ºC
Adhesion to the metallic surface
Resistance to mild Acid & Alkalies
Effect of Acidic/Alkaline Atmosphere
Neutral (no effect)
10 Sq.mtrs. to 11 Sq. mtrs.
Highly glossy surface Epoxy finish
Re-seal after use
Shelf Life
Excellent - Varies as per the climatic conditions (preferably use within 15 months of packaging date)
Non-toxic after cure
Solvent Base Product
Use in well ventilated area.Avoid inhaling fumes. Do not smoke or permit naked flame, where stored or used.
Health Safety
As other Product
Cleaning of Brush/Spray Gun
By thinner/monomer/Ethyl Alcohol/spirit

To make Brushable

Keep in sunlight for ½-1 hr and add NC thinner/monomer as per the requirement. Do not add Thinner/Terpentine. This may change its basic properties.

Know how to coat METSOL
on different equipments
Click here to download the product sheet - Metsol-L-PD.pdf
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