How to apply Coating of METSOL

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Benefits of METSOL Coating
Increases Thermal efficiency of Heat Transferring Systems

Protects coated surface from corrosive effects
Due to high Thermal Conductivity, Metsol increases the heat dissipation
Coating does not allow increasing the system temperature
No unwanted break-downs/shutdowns and hence no production losses
Increases life of Heat Transfer surface
Helps in economical running of the system.

General Method of METSOL Coating on equipments
Clean the Surface of Dust/Rust etc. and wash with fresh water
Wash with dilute alkaline medium
Wash with fresh water
Dry completely with hot air blower/keep for natural drying
Spray or brush or dip in METSOL coating baths & wait for 10 minutes, then take out the coated item and allow to settle down. Coat uniformly on the surface of protection
Keep the coated material for complete dry for 6-8 hrs. in dust free atmosphere. After complete drying, use the coated part for use in assembly line

Benefits of METSOL Coating in Hydro Electric Turbines
METSOL makes monolithic joint with metal surface and provide frictionless movement to the suspended hard foreign particles of inlet water. It helps to prevent metallic erosion and corrosion of turbine surface.

It reduces and prevent erosion and corrosion of MS parts.
It protects turbine body deterioration and maintain its mechanical strength.
It provides zero friction to the moving suspended hard particles in inlet water, so minimum coating erosion .No direct contact with metal parts.
It is non metallic and chemically neutral, therefore no chemical reactions with coated surface.
It doesn’t absorb water and it is wettable(non sticky surface).
It provides electrical resistance to the splitted and polarized colloidal water solution formed.positve and negative acidic molecules does not have any effect, therefore it helps to reduce cation effect and helps to stop/reduce metal disintegration and weakening of MS parts. It helps to reduce suspended metal particles in outlet water.
It provides lubrication and helps to form emulsified water solution, which is soft in nature without metallic residues.
It helps to increase the life of metal parts of hydraulic turbine.
It helps to reduce maintenance cost and breakdown.
It reduces downtime and turbine will be available for efficient operation, that is it increases operational efficiency of turbine.
Reduces running cost of turbine.

METSOL Coating on Power feeding BusBar
Metsol application on Busbar surface helps to reduce core Temperature of Busbar & increasing surface Temperature of of busbar.
Busbar Core Temperature reduce by 6-7DegC & surface temperature increase by 8-10DegC .
Reduction in Core Temperature results into reduction in HEAT LOSS(I2R)i.e.POWER LOSS.
Increase in Bus bar surface temperature helps to reduce intensity of magnetic field and ionisation of surrounding air.
It helps to reduce "Power loss" due to loss of 'magnetic field & its effect".
It helps to prevent deposition of dust and powder on coated surface of bus bar.
Power loss prevention will help to produce more molten metal(ALUMINIUM)with out consuming extra power.
METSOL Coating on Melting Pot
M.S.Melting pot is aways under influence of high rated current which flows through Carbon Anode.
Electromotive force generated on the pot surface is net 'power loss'i.e magnetic loss.
Strong magnetic field produced on the pot surface influence other surrounded M.S.Structures and produce EMF ,
Due to this potential ,POWER loss,is taking place.
More power will consume due to net regular power loss (Magnetic Field Loss).
Metsol Coating will help to reduce this power loss and will make melting cheap,other problems like electrical sparking etc will reduce.

Method for Heat Transfer Surfaces
Follow the same steps as given above for all the Heat transfer surface coatings

Safety Notes
Use rubber gloves and safety glasses while handling the coating
Wash thoroughly with soap and water.
If coating gets into eyes, flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and get medical treatment wash.
Non-hazardous for Skin, Eyes

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