How to apply Coating of Thermocoat (SEC-L)

Benefits of Thermocoat (SEC-L) coating
Reduces production cost of Steel by saving carbon and power.
Our trials at steel plant have shown positive results. We have constantly monitored saving of Carbon and Power. Saving percentage of both depends upon the method of use in Arc & Laddle Furnace operation. Our trial has given saving in Carbon by 5.5% and that of Power by more than 10%.
General Method of application of Thermocoat (SEC-L) Coating on equipments
Clean the surface to make it dust free
Make paste thin by adding D.M. water
Apply thin solution of Thermoplast by Brush/Spray Gun on clean surface
Allow coating to settle down for 1-2 hours
Method of application of Thermocoat (SEC-L) Coating on Graphite Electrodes (Electrical Arc & Ladle Furnace)
Follow same steps as mentioned above.
Safety Notes
Use rubber gloves and safety glasses while handling the coating
Wash thoroughly with soap ans water any skin exposed to moist coating
If coating gets into eyes, wash eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and get medical treatment.
Non-hazardous for Skin, Eyes
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