Single coat Anti-corrosive Anti-Oxidation/Electrical Insulating Coating

Thermoplast grade 1800 is

Prepared by mixing two dissimilar minerals in predetermined proportions THERMOPLAST is an effective and chemically strongly bonded compound that gives high Temperature Resistance, Electrical Insulation and Anti Corrosive effects. Chemical bonding effectively starts after 57 degrees C and runs its course fully by 130 degree C when the mix settles down to form THERMOPLAST – an effective stable bonded product/paste.

It is highly Hygroscopic in nature before curving and can safely withstand temperature upto 2000 Degree C with stable properties-after curving. Above 110 degree C it’s mechanical strength is excellent and increases further as the temperature rises to 2000 degree C without disintegration and thereafter reduces. The paste is “White” in colour and "Gray" from 600 to 1250 degree ‘C’ and “Silver” therafter.

Salient Features

Temperature Resistant
Coating improves thermal resistance property of old Refractory brick lining to the level of new lining
High Electrical Insulation and Mechanical Strength
When coated on high temperature element, reduces oxidation and increases life of the element
High degree of Electrical Insulation, Reduces energy/Fuel consumption, High Temperature holding time can be increased by coating lining of furnace.
Suitable for coating floors of Achessen Furnace (where heating is done by passing current directly through the product) because of high Electrical Insulation and Mechanical Strength
Offers immediate remedy for temperature leakage, Current leakage, Thermal Insulation failure and Excess fuel consumption in high temperature process industries.


Thick Paste

Drying Time
Touch dry within 4 hrs at 40ºC. Full dry after 24 hrs when thickness is max 0.2 mm
Service Temperature
2000 ºC + 10%
Adhesion to surface
Refractory surfaces - excellent; Increases with Temperature
Metallic surfaces - good at elevated temperatures say at 1500ºC
Depends upon the eroded refractory condition. Produces rough surface of 1 sqm, thickness 1.5mm in 1 kg.
Store at cool place. Do not store near furnace or at elevated temperature
Shelf Life
Max. 6 months from the date of manufacturing
Thermal Conductivity
Semi Thermal Conductive coating (40% Thermal Conductivity)
Electrical Conductivity
Electrically non-Conducting. Does not absorb moisture once used at high temperature. Highly Electrically Insulating at elevated temperature ( 1800 ºC + 10% )

3mm - 1000ºC
5mm - 2000 ºC


To make paste brushable, kindly use D.M.water only in preparation. For 1 Kg paste of Thermoplast mix 500 gms of D.M. water. Do not mix ordinary water.

Know how to coat THERMOPLAST GRADE 1800 on different equipments
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