How to apply Coating of Thermoplast Grade 1800

Benefits of Thermoplast Coating
Energy saving: Reduces Electrical/Fuel consumption
Enhances life of heating elements
Reduction in down-time through immediate recovery from thermal breakdowns and consequential reduction in maintenance / production cost.
General Method of application of Thermoplast Grade-1800 Coating on equipments
Clean the surface to make it dust free
Make the paste thin by adding water
Apply thin solution or paste of Thermoplast by Brush/Spray Gun on clean surface
Allow coating to settle down for 1-2 hours
Pre-heat surface coating to 150-200ºCbefore loading Furnace to get adequate Mechanical Strength.
(No pre-heating required for other applications)

(I) Method of application of Thermoplast Grade-1800 Coating on Black Refractories (Monoblocks/Shroud tubes/Sub-entry nozzles/stoppers/Well blocks etc)
Clean the surface of used component for removing fused molten metal by scrapper or other regular method
Eroded component should be cleaned for removing deposited dust by high pressure air and clean cloth
Apply one coat of Thermoplast 1800 on clean surface of component by brush
Apply one more coat after 15-20 minutes of first coat
Keep for Air curing for 4-5 hours. Once the coat is touch dry, keep it for Preheat at 150-200º for 2-3 hours for gaining toughness
Now use the coated Black refractory component for operation.
After one operation, remove the coated component, clean it for removing molten metal and follow rhe coating process

(II) Method of application of Thermoplast Grade-1800 Coating on Graphite Specialties
Follow the same process as mentioned above for Graphite specialties.

(III) Method of application of Thermoplast Grade-1800 Coating on Induction Furnace Coil & furnace Castables
Induction Coil surface should be dry, clean from dust/foreign particles/oil/grease/epoxy coating etc.
Cleaned Coil surface should be coated with “Thermoplast Grade 1800” Slurry (Brushable Slurry is prepared by adding 400-500 grams of D.M. Water/Distilled Water in 1 K.g. Thermoplast Grade 1800 paste).
Fill in the coil gaps by Thermoplast Grade 1800 thick paste.
After filling in between gaps, apply thick paste (5-6mm) inside and (1mm) outside the coil, keep it for air curing for complete dry.

Safety Notes
Use rubber gloves and safety glasses while handling the coating
Wash thoroughly with soap and water any skin exposed to moist coating
If coating gets into eyes, wash eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and get medical treatment.
Non-hazardous for Skin, Eyes
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