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Steel Plant
Name of the Equipment Coating details Application Purpose of Coating Result Obtained
Electrical Arc Thermocoat (SEC-L) Graphite Electrodes Reduction in Carbon & power consumption Carbon Consumption reduction 4-6% or more.Power consumption in proportion of Carbon Consumption
Ladle furnace
Induction Furnace Thermoplast Grade 1800 Ind. Furnace Coil To protect coil from molten metal and earth fault leakage current Furnace coil is free from earthfault/leakage current and damage to the coil
Concast Casting Tundish Op. Thermoplast Grade 1800 Black Refractory shroud Tubes, monoblocks, stopper, sub entry nozzles & blocks To reduce Black Refractory consumption Consumption of Black Refractory reduced by 20% or more
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